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Baby talk

Posted on: May 8, 2010

Baby smileThey say the best way to encourage your baby to talk is by talking to them as much as possible. So, having suffered bruised ears for the last few years courtesy of my mega-chatterbox older son, I vowed that when the little one was born I would just smile at him and keep quiet.

Of course I didn’t. I’ve talked to him all the time, ever since he was born. Before he was born in fact. I think it’s just natural isn’t it? You know they don’t understand you to begin with, but even when they’re tiny they love the sound of your voice. Soon they start to copy the sounds and rhythms and intonation of words and conversations. And now he’s starting to talk and of course it’s funny and lovely, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

At 14 months, he now has a repertoire of about five words. I think that’s more or less average for a boy. He says:

Diddy, which is daddy. It’s grossly unfair, but most babies’ first words sound something like “daddy”. But only, apparently, because the “dadada” sound is easy for them to say.

Tiddy, aka teddy. Another popular early word, again because the sound is easy for them to form.

Ah, which is the first syllable of his brother’s name. Yes that counts!

Ot, which means hot. Not surprising, because we’re forever warning him away from the cooker/radiators/cups etc etc.

And finally, at which is hat. Although he refuses to wear one himself, he has something of an obsession with hats, and loudly and excitedly points out every one he sees. Which was a tad embarrassing at the checkout in Sainsbury’s the other day when he spotted a woman’s rather large perm.

We’ve been on “about five” words for quite some time, I think because he’s spent the last month or so concentrating on learning to walk (insert own joke about blokes and inability to multi-task here…!). But he’s obviously decided he has it sussed now because he’s babbling more than ever, and I figure he’s ready for a new word. And call me sad, but I reckon it’s high time we redressed the balance and added “Mummy” to the list!

So for a couple of days we’ve been doing a lot of spotting “Mummy” in photos and in the mirror. I’ve hid under blankets, behind doors, behind my own hands, asking “where’s Mummy?” and then popping up to squeals of delight. I’ve been referring to myself in the third person, even though I feel slightly ridiculous doing so. Nothing. Until today, that is.

Today he unveils his latest new word. Usually we get lots of attempts over several days that gradually sound more and more like the word he actually means. This one, however, springs forth fully formed. He’s sitting in his highchair having lunch while I put the shopping away. He finishes eating his sandwich, throws a piece of bread onto the floor for good measure then looks up at me. He lifts up his little arms, gives me his broadest, sunniest smile, and says, as clear as day…

“Ba. Nana.”



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